When you need information from another system, and that system provides REST APIs for that effect, use a REST API to retrieve data.

Typically, there are some steps you always take when adding a REST API method:

  1. Look into the API documentation. Understand how you can invoke the REST API method;
  2. Define the REST API and REST API method. Use the information you found in the API documentation;
  3. Understand what is created;
  4. Use the REST API method in your application.


Imagine you have an external system for managing tickets (Zendesk). You want to build an application in OutSystems to list those tickets. Zendesk provides a REST API for that effect.

1. Look Into the API Documentation

Go to the Zendesk API documentation and understand how their REST API works.

You will find that the REST API Method to list tickets has the following specifications:

2. Define the REST API and REST API Method

Add the REST API and the REST API Method:

  1. In the Logic layer, expand the Integrations folder;
  2. Right-click on the REST element and select 'Consume REST API...';
  3. In the displayed dialog, choose ADD SINGLE METHOD;
  4. Fill the information about the Method URL: GET and https://osacademy.zendesk.com/api/v2/tickets.json
  5. Go to the Headers/Auth tab, and type your credentials for Zendesk;

  1. Go to the Test tab and press Test;

  1. In the Response tab, press COPY TO RESPONSE BODY, leave only the fields we need:

Normally, the most common fields are obtained this way. To know in full detail all the available fields, check the API documentation.

3. Understand What is Created

Press Ok and the OutSystems Platform does the following for you:

Notice the values in the Name and Base URL properties.

Notice the values in the Name, URL Path, HTTP Method, and Response Format properties.

Notice the Ticket structure and its attributes:

Change the name of the REST API to Zendesk.

4. Use the REST API Method in Your Application

You can now list tickets on a web screen:

  1. Use the GetTickets REST API method in the Preparation to get all the tickets;
  2. Use a table records to list tickets on the screen:
    1. Set the GetTickets REST API method as source;
    2. Add the columns you want to show.

Publish and open in the browser.

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