An element name is a sequence of characters [Aa-Zz], numbers and/or the character "_"; spaces are not allowed. The name of the element must start with a character [Aa-Zz]. Any character that is not allowed, for example a "space" or "ç", is automatically translated, by Service Studio, to "_".

The maximum number of characters depends on the element you are handling:

If the name is bigger than the maximum allowed, the following message is displayed:

"The specified name is invalid!

Please check the suitability of the suggested name: <name truncated to the maximum allowed>"

Elements can have the same name if the name spaces where they run never intersect. For example, you can have two screens of different flows with the same name but you cannot have two variables in the same screen with the same name. In the last case, the last element created will automatically rename to avoid name clashing.