The EmailAddressCreate function is a built-in function that returns a full Email address string containing the Display Name (usually it's the name of the Email address owner) and the Email address itself. The resulting full Email address may then be used in the Send Email element (action flows) or in the Send Email activity (process flows).

To build a list of Email addresses use the EmailAddressesConcatenate built-in function.

To handle email addresses you can use the Email data type.

Input parameters

Name: the Display Name of the Email address which usually is the name of the Email address owner as, for example, "John Smith".

Text Type. Mandatory.

Email: the Email address itself, for example,

Text Type. Mandatory.

Output parameters

Text Type.




EmailAddressCreate( "John Smith", "" )

"John Smith" <>

EmailAddressCreate( "Mary Jones", "" )

"Mary Jones" <>

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