The Expression editor allows you to type and edit expressions in your application module.


The areas and elements available in the Expression editor are presented below:

Edit area

The top window pane. In this area, you edit your expression by:

In addition, if you want to use a compound element, such as a Widget, Site Property or a Session Variable, select respectively, the widget name, Site or Session followed by ".", and the development environment automatically displays a drop-down list with the runtime properties or the variables;

In this situation, the element you selected in the drop-down list is automatically highlighted in the Scope tree and you can check its definition and help text by:

If you want to check the definition or the help text of any element, place the cursor over the element, right-click and then select the Synchronize Scope Tree option or simply press CTRL and click the expression.

Operator buttons

Contains all the operators handled by the development environment. Learn more about the Expression Operators.

Scope tree

In this area you can access all the elements that can be used in your expression in the current scope. These elements are organized by folders. Learn more about the Scope Tree.

Description area

This area contains a description of the currently selected element, which is the value of the Description property of the element. The description includes:

Close button

The Close button closes the expression editor.

Instead of pressing the Close button to accept expression changes, you can press Shift + ENTER or Ctrl + ENTER.

Help button

The Help button opens a contextual topic of the OutSystems help.

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