The ActivityReset action is a System Action used to force a Human Activity execution to get back to its initial state.

To reset a Human Activity in a screen action proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the web screen that is set as the Destination in the human activity, and add a new input parameter of Activity Identifier type;
  2. In the process flow, edit the human activity properties and below the Destination web screen set the newly added input parameter with the human activity identifier runtime property: ActivityId;
  3. In the screen action flow, add the ActivityReset system action and set its ActivityId input parameter with the activity identifier input parameter of the web screen.
  4. Finally, set whether the human activity task is to be available again for all of the end-users or only for the current end-user in the ResetActivityUser property.

Input parameters

Activity Identifier Type. Mandatory.

Boolean Type. Mandatory.


A Human Activity instance can only be reset if it is open.

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