The ActivitySkip action is a System Action that explicitly forces a Human Activity instance to be skipped, that is, as if it was skipped by the end-user in the Taskbox. Use this System action to automatically skip a Human Activity task in the Taskbox when you know there's no need for the end-user to do it anymore. Alternatively, you may close Human Activity instances using the ActivityClose action.

To skip a Human Activity in a screen action proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the web screen that is set as the Destination in the human activity, and add a new input parameter of Activity Identifier type;
  2. In the process flow, edit the human activity properties and below the Destination web screen set the newly added input parameter with the human activity identifier runtime property: ActivityId;
  3. Finally, in the screen action flow, add the ActivitySkip System action and set its ActivityId input parameter with the activity identifier input parameter of the web screen.

Input parameters

Activity Identifier Type. Mandatory.

Output parameters

Activity Identifier Type.


The On Skip activity callback action is executed.

The On Skip activity callback action is invoked using a different transaction and session from the transaction and session used when invoking the ActivitySkip. Only the Session.UserId is transported.

You may also close Wait activities. However, this implies advanced knowledge about the Platform as it is not trivial to supply the Wait activity identifier to Web Screens and Screen Actions. You have to design an alternative way such as, for example, passing the Wait activity identifier through the database or through Web Services.

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