Returns the notification message sent by the Notify action.

Input Parameters


Output parameters


We want to reuse a form on multiple screens, so we encapsulate that form in a Web Block.

But whenever the end-user saves the form we need to:

  1. Let the page know that the user changed the value on the form, so that the page can update itself;
  2. Send the new value to the page.

At runtime:

  1. The end-user clicks the save button;
  2. The Save action from the web block runs. It calls the Notify action, and passes "John" as the message argument;
  3. The page where the screen block is instantiated receives the notification;
  4. The Update Screen action runs to handle the notification. It uses the NotifyGetMessage action to retrieve the message sent from the web block, and update its UI to "John";

Finally the Update Screen action ends, and the web block Save action continues to run.

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