Applies to: This action is deprecated in versions 9.1 and higher. Use the Notify action instead.

The NotifyWidget action is a System Action that allows Web Blocks to notify their parent (Web Screen, Web Block) that a relevant event has occurred. When a Web Block uses the Notify Widget, the parent element needs to specify a screen action that will be called after the notification is sent.

To use the Notify Widget, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Web Block use the Notify Widget as part of the logic;
  2. On every usage of the Web Block (in both Web Screens and Web Blocks) specify the Screen Action that will handle the notification by setting the On Notify property of the Web Block.

The notification is sent using Ajax but only when the Screen Action flow ends.

Only when the web block has at least a Screen Action flow using the NotifyWidget System action, the On Notify Ajax capability is available in the Properties pane of the web block widget instance.

As an example, imagine a Web Block that contains a Combo Box widget and that a notification is to be sent whenever a new value is selected for it, for it may lead to refreshing other widgets on the Web Screen. To implement this simply create a Screen Action for the OnChange event of the Combo Box widget inside the Web Block and use the NotifyWidget in it to send the notification. Now, on every usage of the Web Block widget you may add logic to refresh (or not) other widgets on screen.

You may send customized information along with the notification in the Message argument. The screen action that handles the notification obtains this customized information using the NotifyGetMessage built-in function.

Input parameters

Notifications on the Client-Side with JavaScript

You may execute the NotifyWidget action in javascript code which enables you to send notifications to any Web Block widget instance in your web screen. For that, use the OsNotify (or OsNotifyWidget) function with the following parameters:

Input parameters

To have the On Notify Ajax capability available in the Properties Pane for you to handle the Javascript execution of the NotifyWidget, go to the web block and create a dummy screen action that solely uses the NotifyWidget System action with no Message.

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