When designing the business rules of your eSpace you are allowed to use System Actions and System Functions provided by the OutSystems Platform.

System Actions

Use System Actions to design actions with the business rules of your eSpace. By default, only a subset of the System Actions is automatically added to your eSpace but you're allowed to add other System Actions at any time by adding references to the (System) eSpace.

System Actions are executed the same way as any Action. Learn more about Executing an Action.

Added by Default

Added Manually

System Functions

Use System Functions in actions or in expressions the same way you use User Functions. System functions are available both in the (System) eSpace under the Actions folder of the Logic layer of the eSpace Tree and in the User Functions folder of the Scope Tree of the Expression Editor.

System Functions are executed the same way as any User Function. Learn more about Using User Functions.

System Functions

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