Service Studio allows you to add comments to your flows:

In the Toolbox of each flow you have the Comment tool.

Add a Comment to a Flow

  1. Simply drag the Comment tool from the Toolbox, and drop it on your Content Canvas.
  2. You can then type in the text that you want.

To edit the Comment, simply double click on the Comment element.

The Comment element has no effect on your flow and can be connected to any element in the flow canvas simply as a visual cue. The elements in the Flow canvas cannot be connected to Comments at all. On the other hand, Comment elements can be connected to one another as you see fit.

The lines to and from Comment elements are aesthetically different to illustrate that they are simply visual cues.


Comments as Reminders

You can display your comments in the TrueChangeTM tab during your module's life cycle. This can be useful for your development process since you can add some tasks or To Do's that must be done or shared among developers.

Simply set the Is Reminder property of the Comment element to Yes. How?

All of the comments with the Is Reminder property set to 'Yes' are presented in the TrueChangeTM tab with the icon Show picture.

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