You can connect your eSpace to an External Site with a URL determined at either development time or runtime.

To connect to a URL evaluated at runtime, simply add a dynamic URL to the External Site as follows.

How to add a dynamic URL:

  1. In the eSpace tree, under the Interfaces layer, expand the screen flow and right-click on the External Site element.

  1. Select the Add Dynamic URL operation.

  1. A special screen input parameter is created: the name of this parameter is URL. This input parameter is special in the sense that you must not change its name. You can, however, specify the other properties. How?

At runtime Platform Server evaluates the parameter called URL and redirects the flow to the result of this evaluation. This is why the name of the input parameter is fixed and, in order to get this behavior, you must not change the name.

You should use the built-in EncodeURL function in order to encode your URL.

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