In your web screens add external images for images that are stored outside the Platform and which are accessible through URLs. When the page is rendered, the image URL is processed, the image fetched, and displayed on screen.

How to add an External image:

  1. Insert the Image widget

From the Widgets Toolbar, drag the Image widget to your screen canvas, and choose the image in the 'Select Image' window:

    • Select an image from the ones already existing in your eSpace;

    • Click on 'Import Image', choose the image file, to add a new image to your eSpace.

  1. In the Properties pane of the Image widget, specify the following properties:

    • Image: the image displayed as preview on the canvas. It is important to select an image that is similar to what you expect to see at runtime. Why? You will design the screen more according with the real result.

    • Type: Set it to External.

    • URL: URL where the image is located.

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