In your web screens add static images so that they are packed in the oml of the eSpace; these images are uploaded to the Platform Server when you upload the eSpace. All static images are listed in the Images folder of the eSpace tree.

How to add a Static image:

From the Widgets Toolbar, drag the Image widget to your screen canvas, and choose the image in the 'Select Image' window:

  • Select an image from the ones already existing in your eSpace, or

  • Click on 'Import Image', choose the image file, to add a new image to your eSpace.

If you have more than one Front-end Server, the static images are uploaded to each Front-end Server.

Changing the Image

You may change the image of a Static Image in the eSpace tree by right-clicking on it and selecting the Change Image operation; all Image widgets using the Static Image are automatically updated with the new image.

Localized Images

Localized versions of Static Images are displayed under the images in the eSpace tree. However, they cannot be directly used in Image widgets. Learn more About Multilingual eSpaces.

Using Static Image References

Service Studio provides you with mechanisms to reuse Static Images among eSpaces. You can expose your Static Images to other eSpaces or use Static Images defined in another eSpace.

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