To send information to a screen or to an external site, you have to define the values of the Arguments. This corresponds to an instantiation of the screen input parameters, previously added to that screen.

After specifying the screen or external site parameters, you have to instantiate them in the Initial screen. The instantiations of the input parameters are called arguments. Arguments are specified in all the elements associated with the flow of the eSpace.

How to specify an argument in:

Do one of the following:

In a Web Flow:

  • Link widget: Specify the Arguments property for this widget. How?

  • Button widget: Specify the Arguments property for this widget. How?

  • Screen Action: In the Action editor you have the Destination object where you can also indicate the screen to which the application flows. In this object you also have an Arguments property. How?

In an SMS flow:

All the input parameters that are mandatory must be instantiated by the corresponding arguments; if they are not instantiated, an error is issued by the TrueChangeTM.

Sometimes you need to process the input parameters, prepare some local variables, or execute actions based on these input parameters. These behaviors are achieved by creating actions executed in the scope of the destination screen. Learn more about Designing Actions.

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