Use the Style Sheet Editor to define and edit widget styles defined in style sheets of:

  1. Themes (used by Applications, eSpaces, and Web Flows)

  2. Web Screens

  3. Emails

  4. Web Blocks

Learn more About Style Sheets.

Opening the Style Sheet Editor

Edit your styles with the Style Sheet Editor by opening it either from eSpace elements or widgets.

While editing your styles, changes are immediately made visible on widgets displayed on your canvas.

Themes, Web Screens, Emails, and Web Blocks

Select the element and click on in the Style Sheet property;


A quicker way of opening the Style Sheet Editor is to double-click on the Style Sheet property name.


Click on the widget to select it, open the drop down list of the Style property, and choose the last option in the list: '(Style Sheet Editor...)'.

Additionally, if the widget already has a style, the Style Sheet Editor is automatically positioned on that style.

A quicker way of opening the Style Sheet Editor is to  double-click on the Style property name.

Style Sheet Editor Tabs

When you open the Style Sheet editor it displays tabs for all available style sheets in the scope of the widget:

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