While designing your application you may use the language tools to, for example, change the language in which the application is running or display the current application operating language to the end-user.

SetCurrentLocale System Action

You may set your application operating language locale using the SetCurrentLocale System action.

As an example, use this System action to allow the end-user to change the operating language of your application:

Each flag has a link that, when pressed, invokes a screen action that changes the language locale. Here is the example for the Spanish flag:

Spanish Flag Link

ChangeLanguage Action Flow

SetCurrentLocale Properties

GetCurrentLocale Built-in Function

Obtain your application current language locale using the GetCurrentLocale built-in function.

As an example, you may display to the end-user a flag and the locale code (in RFC 1766 format) of the language which the application is operating:

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