The Translations Behavior Editor allows you to set how translatable resources of your application behave regarding translations and also set translated texts.

This editor is launched by right-clicking on the Multilingual Locales folder (or on any of the languages inside it) and choosing Edit Translations...

The Translations Behavior Editor provides you a list of all your module's translatable resources for you to select and set to be translated or not.

Translatable resources which aren't to be translated will be excluded from the translation process, therefore reducing the amount of translations involved.

Types of Translation Behaviors

You are allowed to set your resources to have one of the following translation behaviors:

Defaults for Translatable Resources

Some type of resources are considered to require translation and their translation behavior is automatically set to 'Translate', namely:

Other type of resources, that eventually may require translation are set with the 'Not Defined' translation behavior.

The Translations Behavior editor window is divided into the four areas presented below.

Translatable Resource List

This is the central area of the window where your module's translatable resources are displayed and where you select the translatable resources that you want to set the translation behavior.

Each translatable resource has the following information:

The translatable resource selection is made by simply clicking on the translatable resource line in the list. To set the translation behavior for more than one translatable resource select multiple translatable resources using the following keys:

Each translatable resource is bounded to an element in the module. To view that element in the module select the translatable resource and click on .  This action also selects the element.

Another way to execute the action described above is simply double-clicking on the translatable resource.


The Translations Behavior editor loads the complete set of the module's resources. To narrow the displayed resources in the list and work the translation behavior of specific resources, the editor provides some filtering mechanisms in the Filter area:

This is useful when you know which module element you want to set the translatable resources translation behavior.

Click on the elements in the hierarchy path to change the displayed translatable resources. The filter currently in use is shown in the hierarchy path with a darker color.

An example: you selected a translatable resource bound to a Button widget. The module's hierarchy of the Button widget is shown in the Filter area. If you want to see all existing translatable resources in the web screen where the Button widget is, simply click on the web screen name in the path. The translatable resource list will be refreshed with all Web Screen's translatable resources including the Button translatable resources;

Filtering for the 'Not Defined' value is very useful to find out which resources need to have translation behavior set.


This area displays the current state of the module translatable resources translation behavior.

Setting the Translation Behavior

To set the translation behavior of a set of resources, select those resources and click on the Translation Behavior button of the behavior you want to set.

To set the behavior of a single translatable resource, click on the Behavior cell of that translatable resource and a combo box is displayed allowing you to choose the translation behavior.

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