When debugging a consumer eSpace that references a producer eSpace to reuse some of its functionality, two situations can occur:

Debug the Consumer eSpace

In this case we want to solely debug the consumer eSpace. We do not need to debug the functionality reused from the producer eSpace.

For this, just follow the same steps as for debugging an eSpace without references. See more in Debug an eSpace.

All functionality that is reused from the producer eSpace is treated as a black-box, meaning that:

Debug the Producer eSpace

In this case, when in the consumer eSpace, we want to debug the functionality that is being reused from the producer eSpace.

For this, proceed as follows:

    1. In the producer eSpace:

      1. Open the 'Debugger' menu and choose the Select Entry eSpace... option;

      2. Choose the consumer eSpace from the list;

      3. Place breakpoint(s) where you want the execution to stop;

      4. Start the debugger in the 'Debugger' menu:

        • Choose Run an eSpace to debug in the Personal Area;

        • Choose Debug in the Public Area to debug in the Public Area.

Learn how to Debug in Public and Personal Areas.

    1. In the consumer eSpace:

      1. Execute the application and use it;

      2. The debugger will not stop in any breakpoint in the consumer eSpace;

      3. When the reused functionality is executed, the debugger stops at the breakpoint(s) in the producer eSpace.

Conditions for an Entry eSpace

There are some important conditions for a consumer eSpace listed as an Entry eSpace:

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