The SMS List Records widget allows you to display multiple records of entity, structure, and a combination of the two.

Contents of the widget

To define the contents of the widget, you can:

To place the identifier and entity references, simply explicitly drag them.

Layout of the widget

The layout of this widget follows these rules:

The way the records are presented in the widget depends on the Line Separator property:

Iterating the widget

The entity and/or structure records that you want to display are defined in the Source Record List property of this widget, which must be of type List. Each record of this list is displayed as mentioned above.

The first record that is displayed corresponds to the Start Index position on the list. This is why you have to update this property in each iteration in the list.

The maximum number of records to be displayed is specified through the Line Count property. If the length of the list is greater than this property, you will need to iterate the list again.

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