An SMS flow represents a sequence of messages sent to the user through a mobile device. The user can interact, replying to these messages. In Service Studio, SMS flows are, in fact, interactive SMS (iSMS) flows.

To create an SMS flow open the Interface tab, right-click the folder Screen Flows and select Add SMS Flow.

In an iSMS flow you have a collection of the following elements:

There are also other elements that you can use in your iSMS flows. See the complete list of elements in a SMS flow.

In Service Studio, an SMS dialog is a sequence of messages:

In iSMS flows, transitions can have commands associated. For example, the user receives a message with a question. Depending on the command given by the user, the eSpace flows to a different message. The transition between these screens has a command associated.

Each SMS Screen can be connected to more than one SMS Screen, Go To Screen or Wait For Message. An Application Phone must always be connected with to Wait For Message.


SMS Flows are available in the following situations:

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