The next table presents the properties of the Send Message element.




Default value



Internal name that identifies the element.



See rules for naming elements.


Free text that describes the Send Message. You can edit the text by directly typing it in the property or in the description editor which opens by clicking



Useful for documentation purposes.

The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.

Is Freq. Destination

Boolean value that indicates whether the message appears as an available option in the Destination property. This eliminates the need for a graphical link to connect the screens involved.



A message that is a Frequent Destination has its name in bold, on the Content Canvas.

You should use this property when you want to connect two messages that are not visible in the content canvas.


Indicates the priority that the SMS Message has in the Platform Server queue.


2 - High

In the Platform Server, messages are issued according to their priorities.

When Inbound rate overflows processing rate, the messages with the highest priorities are issued first.


Indicates what encoding is used by Platform Server when sending the SMS message. The possible values are: Default (7 bits), Binary (8 bits), and UTF (16 bits).



If this property is not specified, the value that is used is the one configured at the eSpace properties. Usually, the encoding used is 7 bits.

Phone Slot

Indicates to what phone slot the SMS message is sent. This property allows you to overwrite an SMS that was previously sent. The possible values are:

(None): no specific phone slot is used.

(Default): inherits the value of the eSpace phone slot.

1 , …, 7: the message is sent to the phone slot you specify.



See an example of the usage of this property

There are some limitations when using this property:

  • Not all mobile devices support this feature.

  • If the SMS has more than 160 characters, this feature does not work.

Billing Description

Free text with maximum size of 80 characters. The specified value is logged in the billing_description column of the log_sms System entity.



You can use this property when customizing the Gateway adapter.

Billing Code

Free text with maximum size of 50 characters. The specified value is logged in the billing_code column of the log_sms System entity.



You can use this property when customizing the Gateway adapter.

Delivery Report

Indicates whether the result of the delivery report is registered or not by OutSystems Platform. The possible values are:

(blank): inherits the configuration of the eSpace; Off: the result of the delivery report is not registered; Failure Only: the result of the delivery report is registered only when the message was not delivered; On: the result of the delivery report is always registered.



When you use delivery reports you must be aware that this feature has a considerable impact on performance.

You can trap delivery report events using the OnDeliveryReport system action.

Max. Length

Indicates the maximum number of characters that the SMS message can have. The possible values are 160, 320, and 480.



This property indicates how many SMS messages are, in fact, sent by Platform Server. When using the default encoding, if the value is 160, 320, or 480, then respectively 1, 2, or 3 messages are sent.

See an example of the usage of this property

SMS Commands - The commands which implement the interaction between the end-user and the eSpace.


Pattern to be matched in the current pattern command.



An empty command is deleted from the list of pattern commands.


List of possible screens and possible actions are displayed for the command. Simply choose one of these.

The possible destinations are:

  • All the screen actions created for the current screen, sorted by name.

  • (Current Screen).

  • All the Wait Message, Send Message and Start iSMS you are already connected to, sorted by name.



The (none) option must only be used as an auxiliary. Service Studio validation does not allow this option.


The arguments of the widget correspond to the input parameters of the screen action or screen (depending on the Destination). The values of the parameters must be of the same type as the input parameters.



The argument is mandatory or optional, if the parameter in the destination screen is respectively mandatory or optional.

Roles - Allows selection of the areas that have grants to display the element. This property is used when you are adding security in your SMS flow.


List of the Roles available in your eSpace.





You should always add security to your flow.

Learn more about security

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