The iSMS flow can be initiated by the end-user or by another flow. In the first situation, the iSMS flows starts when the end-user dials to application phone number.

On the Content Canvas, you must use the following elements provided by Service Studio:

Represents a well-known telephone number that receives the commands from the end-user; and from which the messages originated in the application are sent. The application phone must be followed by a Wait Message element.

This support is achieved by SMS commands. Service Studio provides a section in the Properties Pane where you can specify the accepted commands to start the dialogue.

If you want to access the properties of the message that was received, simply use a System Action called InboundSmsGetDetails. How?

An iSMS flow initiated by the end-user looks like this:

Start an SMS Flow initiated by the end user

The Application Phone must always be connected to a Wait Message. If this destination has mandatory parameters that are not specified in the request, OutSystems Platform automatically uses the default values of the Service Studio data type. See Available Data Types.

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