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You can handle in your eSpace more complex data such as entities and structures.

A structure is a data skeleton that gathers information of your eSpace; structures are not persistent, they only exist in memory until the application ends, at which time they are discarded. The information is stored in Attributes .

How to create a Structure:

In the eSpace tree , under the Data layer, right-click on the Structures folder.

Structures, in Service Studio, have the same semantic that structures have in any programming language.

When to use Structures?

Structures are useful in the following situations:

When you delete a structure, Service Studio is permissive, i.e. no test is done to check whether the structure is being used. However, eSpace validation process detects this and returns an error. The eSpace is not valid and you must fix the elements where the structure is being used.

Using structure references

Service Studio provides you with mechanisms to reuse Structures among eSpaces. You can expose your structures to other eSpaces or use structures defined in another eSpace.

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