When modeling Entities to store data on the database, you can make Integer attributes auto numbers to ensure they have unique values for each record. Learn how to Create a Sequential Attribute.

This page explains what happens on the database when setting an attribute IsAutoNumber property to Yes.

SQL Server

When creating a sequential attribute with a SQL Server database, a column with Int data type, and with Identity (1,1) is created. This ensures the value starts at 1, and is incremented by 1, each time a new record is inserted.


In Oracle, a sequential attribute is mapped to the following Oracle objects:

  1. A sequence, prefixed with OSSEQ, is created to guarantee the uniqueness of the corresponding column. This sequence starts at 1 and has an increment of 1;
  2. A trigger, prefixed with OSTRG, is created in order to calculate the next value of the sequence. This trigger is invoked before inserting new records.


In MySQL, a sequential attribute is mapped in a column of type Integer with the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute. This attribute indicates to the MySQL database that this column uses sequential numbers that start at 1.

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