When defining your entities in the eSpace, you can create Indexes for that entity. In Service Studio, like in relational databases, an index provides fast access to the data in the rows of the entity. With indexes it is faster to find and sort the rows of your entity.

An index can be unique or not; for example, when you create a relationship between two entities, an index is created based on the reference attribute.

If you usually search or sort by one or more attributes, you can create an index based on those attributes.

How to create an Index:

  • Select the entity and in the Property Window click on More. This launches the Entity Editor. Then select the Tab Indexes;

  • In the eSpace tree, under the Data layer, double-click on the entity in the Entities folder; the Entity Editor is launched. Then select the Tab Indexes.

You can have whatever indexes that you want. However, when creating an index there is always a relevant tradeoff between inserting and fetching data. Indexes can, in fact, slow down your queries. So you should create indexes in the attributes that you often search or sort.

If you are using an Oracle database, you can define the Indexes tablespace, through the Platform Server Configuration Tool.

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