To manage the entities created in your eSpace, a set of Entity Actions is provided with an Entity and they can be executed in any action flow.

The picture below presents an example of Entity Actions for the Contact entity:

How to Execute an Entity Action:

  1. In the Data Layer of the eSpace Tree, simply drag the Entity Action of an Entity and drop it on the action flow.
  1. On the Content Canvas, an Execute Action element is created.

An entity action can have:

Example: when invoking a Create<Entity> entity action you can access the identifier of the record that was created by typing CreateEmployee.Id

Example: the Locals folder is available in the Scope Tree of the Expression Editor.

If the parameter is composite, you can browse its definition to reach the attribute you want; the possible composite types are Record and Record List.

Example: when invoking a GetEmployee entity action you can browse through the record to get the employee Name with GetEmployee.Record.Employee.Name

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