To get information about a record of an entity in your eSpace, you can use the Get<Entity name> action or GetForUpdate<Entity name> action. The difference between these two actions is that the GetForUpdate action locks the record in the database until the transaction is finished, preventing other processes from accessing this record. See Handling Transactions.

If the entity has no primary key, the GetForUpdate action is not available; you can only use the Create action.

Input arguments

Output arguments

See how to access the output parameters.


This function retrieves all the attributes for the record that has the input argument Id as its Identifier. If some of the attributes are empty in the database, they are always converted to the corresponding default values.

In the database, the row that corresponds to the selected record is locked and no other user can manage its information; i.e. while the operation is being processed, no other GetForUpdate, Update, Delete or any SQL statements that change this record are executed. The lock on the record is released when a commit or rollback occurs. How?

On the other hand, Get or any SQL statements that query this record are executed.

Possible exceptions

A database exception might be raised when, for example, you are trying to fetch a record whose identifier does not exist.

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