In the edit window of your static entity, launched by double-clicking the entity or pressing "More..." at the properties window of your static entity, you can manage the attributes, the indexes, and the static data records of the static entity and define some advanced options related to the static entity.

The Records tab displays a grid for you to add, modify or delete the static data records.

Adding a New Record

To add a new record simply fill the last line (with the empty cells) with your values and the record will be automatically added.

Modifying a Record

To modify the value of an attribute of a record simply click on the desired cell and change the value.

Deleting a Record

To delete a record right-click on the record line and choose the Delete option.

Once a static data record has been persisted in the platform database, i.e., the eSpace has been published, it remains there even if the record has been deleted from the static entity, and the attribute that is mapped to the 'Is Active' property is set to False.

At the bottom of the tab you will find the 'Import From Database' button and a 'Hide 'Id' Atribute (Auto Number)' check box.

Importing Static Data Records

Use this feature to import persisted records to the static entity. There are two cases in which this feature is very useful:

Hide the Identifier

When the static entity's identifier is a sequential attribute an option to hide the identifier from the records grid is displayed.

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