Sometimes you want to work only with a subset of all records obtained by the Aggregate. To do that, simply add Filters to an aggregate with conditions to just get the records you want.

You can filter the data in two ways:

You can edit the filters applied to an aggregate in the option, at any time.

Filtering Orders

To fetch closed Orders that do not exceed $100:

  1. Drag the Order entity to an aggregate;

  2. On the OrderStatus Label column, click and leave only the 'Closed' status selected;

  3. On the TotalPrice column, click , choose 'Filter...', and set the condition to TotalPrice < 100 to narrow down the results.

Filtering by a Variable

Instead of hardcoding the filter's value, it's also possible to use the variables that are available on the scope. For this, replace the 100 value in the above example by a variable.

In this case, you can use the tab to simulate the value the variable has.

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