The timers of your eSpace can be automatically or explicitly awakened. There are two ways of explicitly waking a timer:

Neither of this options changes the timer schedule, so the Timer will continue to run as normally. Also, since the same timer does not run twice simultaneously, if you wake a timer that is already running, the second execution only starts after the first one has finished.

Using the WakeTimer Built-in Action

To explicitly wake a timer using the Wake<Timer Name> :

  1. In the Process layer, expand the timer element;
  2. Drag the Wake<Timer> action and use it in your logic.

Waking the Time in Service Center

To wake a timer in Service Center:

  1. In the Factory tab, choose eSpaces and find your eSpace;
  2. Choose the Timers tab;
  3. Click on the timer you want to wake;
  4. Click the Run Now button.

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