OutSystems Platform is provided with tools that allow you to take advantage of using built-in emails in your applications: create an email, compose the email content, send emails, send emails with attached files, use emails logging, and even extend or adapt emails to your needs through the Emails API.

Create an Email

An Email is very similar to a Web Screens in the way it is created. Learn more about Creating Emails.

Compose an Email

Compose the content of an Email just like designing a Web Screen. Learn more about Composing Emails.

Since the email content is rendered at runtime (before sending), it is possible to compose dynamic content as, for example, a personalized introduction like "Dear <client name>," at the beginning of your email.

Send Emails

To design the logic for sending emails use the Send Email tool in action flows or process flows and set the Email (content).

At runtime, the Send Email renders the email content, adds it to a sending queue, and continues execution, thus not sending it right away. It is another process of the OutSystems Platform that picks queued emails and effectively sends them, i.e., emails are asynchronously sent by the OutSystems Platform.

Learn more about Sending Emails.

Attach Files

To design the logic for attaching files to an email use the Attach File tool in the Preparation action of the Email.

Learn more About the Attach File Tool.

Emails Logging

All emails you send through the OutSystems Platform are logged and you're allowed to check up on them in Service Center.

Emails API

Extend email functionality or adapt it to your needs by using the Emails API.

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