Creating a CRUD application is usually just the starting point. Most times you'll then need to customize the screens and add more functionality to them.

OutSystems Platform provides lots of automation so that you can be more productive while developing your apps.

Use Your Data

Use real data for a better design of your screens. Simply put your data in Excel files and import them to create entities to handle and store that data in the database.

Learn more about Creating Entities and Bootstrap Data from an Excel File.

Associate Images with Records

Have images associated with records and handled in a simple and easy way.

Learn more about Adding Database Images to an Entity.

List Your Data

Create screens to list data with pagination, sorting, and search functionality.

Learn more on how to Create List Screens.

Handle Master-Details

Implement master-detail relationships in a detail screen.

Learn more about Creating Detail Lists in a Detail Screens.

Delete Records

Create the logic to delete a record from the database, with a single click.

Learn more about Creating Delete Actions.

Navigate Using Menus

Design the first and second level of navigation of your applications using menu and sub-menu options.

Learn more about Adding Menu Entries and Adding Submenu Entries.

Show Records in Pop-ups

Use pop-up info balloons to show details of a record without leaving the current screen.

Learn more about Creating Pop-up Info Balloons.

Edit Records in Pop-ups

Use pop-up editors to edit a record without leaving the current screen.

Learn more about Creating Pop-up Editors.

Improve Input with Auto-completes

Accelerate the input of values in a combo box by replacing it with inputs that automatically show the possible values as you type.

Learn more about Turning Combo Boxes into Auto-completes.

Get More Productive with Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

Execute common operations extra fast using keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop shortcuts.

Learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts and Drag and Drop Shortcuts.