The Table Records widget allows you to display multiple records of entities, structures or a combination of the two. In the web screen, this widget is rendered as a Table and, therefore, you can use the Table toolbar to add and remove columns. The number of rows depends on the number of records. You can also use the List Records widget to show multiple records of entities and/or structures.

Layout of the widget

The layout of this widget follows these rules:

Iterating the widget

The entity and/or structure records that you want to display are defined in the Source Record List property of this widget, which must be of the List type. Each record of this list is displayed on a different line. The first record that is displayed on the widget corresponds to the Start Index position on the list and the number of records displayed depends on the Line Count property.

To iterate over the Source Record List, you have to update the Start Index property for each iteration, by using the Line Count and Start Index runtime properties of the Table Records widget. See Table Records Widget Runtime Properties.

This widget has Ajax capabilities. Learn more About Rich Web Screens using Ajax.

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