The Form widget allows you to create, show and edit a single record of an entity.

See how to use the Form widget to Create a Single Record, and how to use it to Show and Edit a Single Record.

To quickly design screens to create, show and edit a single record, see the topic About Scaffolding a CRUD.

Layout of the widget

You have total freedom to place the widgets inside the Form in any way you wish by using Container widgets and the Grid.

Despite this, the layout of this widget defaults to:

For each Entity or Structure attribute, a Container widget is added to the form with the following:

By default the input labels are placed left aligned. You can change this position by setting the property 'Label Position' to 'Above Input'. Learn more about Form Widget Properties.

This setting affects all the labels inside the form. You can use the grid and containers when you want to use different label positioning inside the same form.

Runtime Behavior

All enabled inputs inside the form will have the following behaviors:

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