Design emails using the Email tool, which you can drag onto your canvas from the Web Flow Toolbox, and compose the email content using widgets, in the same way you do for designing a Web Screen.

The content of emails is rendered at runtime (before sending), therefore it is possible to compose dynamic content. You can do it as follows:

  1. Add input parameters to the Email to pass runtime values;

  2. In the Preparation of the Email, use the input parameters to get the data you need;

  3. Compose the Email content using widgets of dynamic content, such as Expressions or Ifs, and use the data you obtained in the Preparation.

Sending Emails

After designing the email content, design the logic to send it. Learn more about Sending Emails.

Attaching Files

To attach files use the Attach File tool in the Preparation of your Emails.

Learn more About the Attach File Tool.

Advanced Usages

For further control over the email header, you may set specific Extended Properties for your email.

Limitations to Composing the Email

Some elements cannot be used to compose the Email content, namely:

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