OutSystems Platform provides automation to create the data model to store images, and then display them on list and detail screens.

How to Create Entities to Store Images

How to Store Images in the Database

To automatically create an entity to store images on the database:

  1. Right click the entity you want to store the image for;
  2. In the Advanced menu select Import Image for Entity...;
  3. Select the default image to be displayed when a record doesn't have an image associated in the database.

What's Created

A new <EntityName>Picture entity is created, to store the images on the database. This new entity has a 1-1 relationship with the entity you chose to import the image.

Displaying Database Images

After creating the entity to store images, you can display the images from the database in list and detail screens with a single drag-and-drop.

How to Display Database Images on List Screens

To display an image stored on the database:

What's Created

If you add an image to a list screen, these are automatically created:

When adding an image to a detail screen, a container is added to the form, with:

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