When using the Input widget and Web Input Password widget in your web screens, you can define the default messages presented to the end-user in case the validation of those inputs fails. These default validation messages are defined as eSpace properties.

Default Validation Messages


Default value

Mandatory Input

Displayed whenever a mandatory field is not filled in.

Required Field!

Invalid Integer

Displayed whenever an Integer field is required, but a non-Integer value is provided.

Integer expected!

Invalid Decimal

Displayed whenever a Decimal field is required, but a non-Decimal value is provided.

Decimal expected!

Invalid Currency

Displayed whenever a Currency field is required, but a non-Currency value is provided.

Currency expected!

Invalid Date

Displayed whenever a Date field is required, but a non-Date value is provided.

Date expected!

Invalid Time

Displayed whenever a Time field is required, but a non-Time value is provided.

Time expected!

Invalid DateTime

Displayed whenever a Datetime field is required, but a non-Datetime value is provided.

DateTime expected!

Invalid Text

Displayed whenever a Text field is required, but a non-Text value is provided.

Text expected!

Invalid Phone

Displayed whenever a Phone Number field is required, but a non-Phone Number value is provided.

Phone Number expected!

Invalid Numeric Password

Displayed whenever a Numeric Password field is required, but a non-Numeric Password value is provided.

Numeric Password expected!

Invalid Email

Displayed whenever an Email field is required, but a non-Email value is provided.

Email expected!

These messages are presented to the end-user with the 'ValidationMessage' style. You can, if necessary, customize this style to your needs in the style sheet.

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