A Web Flow is a user interaction diagram. Web flow diagrams allow the developer to have a high level overview of the Web interfaces and easily capture the possible end-user interaction sequence.

A Web Flow shows a collection of elements, most of which can be categorized as follows:

There are also other elements that you can use in your web flows. See the complete list in elements in a Web Flow.

Each Web Screen can be connected to more than one Web Screen, Go To Destination, or External Site. Web Blocks can be connected to one or several web screens; they usually are. Although they appear as initial elements, they do not initiate a screen flow. Conceptually, they do not belong to the execution flow but you can have connectors from them, since they can include links.

To open and edit a web flow, you must double-click it in the eSpace tree. Web Flows must be edited in their owner eSpace, if they are Web Flow references, they cannot even be opened.

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