When developing your applications, you can add your own HTML attributes to web screens and widgets, using extended properties. At runtime, the extended properties are added as attributes to the HTML widget.

For example, to improve accessibility of images, you can add the 'Alt' extended property. At runtime, the HTML of your image will contain the 'Alt' attribute.


Extended properties can be any possible attribute that the HTML element can accept as specified in the HTML language reference. OutSystems Platform doesn't validate any property you add.

OutSystems Platform provides you with a drop-down list with suggested properties, but you can also add a new one simply by typing its name in this column.

If you type in the same extended property more than once for a specific element, if you use spaces, " or ' in the properties name, an error message is presented and your application is not valid.


The values of the extended property can be:

For example, suppose that in the previous situation the tool tip must be evaluated at run-time (Entity is a local variable); you have to type the following in the Extended Properties section of the widget's Properties Pane:

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