To display, in your web screens, a list with generic values specified at development time, you have to use the Combo Box widget as described above. The order of the list is arbitrary and defined by you when creating the list of values.

Typically this is used when the values that you want to present are not in a database or in any list of your eSpace.

How to implement this behavior:

Simply use the following properties of the Combo Box widget:

  • Source Entity/Structure: (none)

  • Special Variable: Holds the identifier of the record that corresponds to the end-user's selection, after it is submitted.

This variable must be of type Text, otherwise an error message is presented and the eSpace is not valid. You can also set a default value for this property in, for example, the preparation of the screen.

  • Special List Properties Group: Add all the options values and the options texts that must be presented.

The Name and Width properties must also be filled-in. How?

Handling the end-user's selection

To handle the user's selection, you use the Special Variable that holds the end-user choice. The Variable property has, in this situation, the value Null Identifier.


Suppose you want to display as possible contact dates the following items: Today, Tomorrow, and Next 2 days. You just have to use the Combo Box widget as following:

      • Source Entity: (none)

      • Special List Group:



Value 1


Option 1


Value 2


Option 2


Value 3


Option 3

Next 2 Days


This list has all the entries specified in the Special List properties group with the same order as displayed in the list.

The end-user selects one of these dates and the Special Variable property contains the value of the selected option. For example, if the end-user selects "Tomorrow", the Special Variable holds value 2.

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