To display, in your web screens, a list with the values of a specific attribute in some rows of an entity, you have to use the Combo Box widget as described below. The order of the list is arbitrary and defined by you when creating the list of values.

Internally, only the rows that satisfy the specific criteria are fetched; and the values that correspond to the attribute are displayed.

How to implement this behavior:

Simply use the following properties of the Combo Box widget:

  • Source Record List: The list that has the result of the query where you specified which records must be displayed and the order by which they are displayed. The list can also be created by your eSpace.

  • Source Entity/Structure: Name of the entity whose attribute you want to display.

  • Source Attribute: Name of the attribute whose contents you want to display. You have access to all the available attributes for the selected entity.

  • Variable: Variable that will hold the identifier of the row that corresponds to the user choice, after it is submitted. During the preparation of the screen, this property can be used to set a default value.

The Name and Width properties must also be filled-in. How?

Handling the end-user's selection

The end-user's selection is handled by the Variable property of the Combo Box widget.


Suppose you want to display the attribute Name of the rows where the Address is “Lisbon”. First of all, you have to build a query that selects only the filtered rows; the name of the query is, for example, getLisbonCustomers. You can also specify the order to use.

Then you just have to use the Combo Box widget as follows:

      • Source Record List: getLisbonCustomers

      • Source Entity: Customer

      • Source Attribute: Name

      • Variable: CustomerId

The list has the names of the customers that satisfy the conditions specified in getLisbonCustomers, ordered as you specified.

The end-user selects one of these names and the variable CustomerId contains the id of the customer that corresponds to that choice.

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