When you are gathering an end-user selection through a List Box widget, the following runtime properties are available:

Read only. Text type.

Allows you to manage the end-user choice.

Read / Write. List type.

To implement your own server-side validations, simply assign this runtime property. In the render stage, the HTML of widgets that have the Valid runtime property set to False, is set with the Not_Valid class. Learn how to Validate End-User Inputs.

Read / Write. Boolean type.

When implementing your own server-side validations, assign a text to this runtime property, to explain the reason for the input being invalid.

The ValidationMessage is rendered in HTML as a <span class="ValidationMessage"> element following the HTML <input> element. See how widgets are translated into HTML tags. You can change the look and feel of the validation messages by customizing the ValidationMessage style in the style sheet.

Read / Write. Text type.

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