After you have designed your module, you can decide to execute the 1-Click Publish operation, which will host the module in the Public Area. If you want to run your module only in your personal area, you must use the Run operation.

1-Click Publishing the module

The 1-Click Publish operation is available in the eSpace menu or on the Toolbar.

If you aren't connected yet to a Platform Server, you're presented with the Select Server Window: select the server, enter your credentials, and establish the connection.

The progress of the 1-Click Publish operation is presented in the Lower Pane where you can check the errors, warnings, and reminders, if any, found while 1-Click Publishing your module.

When your module is invalid, you have to fix its errors, and continue with the Retry Publish button, available on the Lower Pane.

Since the Upload operation is invoked automatically by 1-Click Publish, Service Studio detects possible conflicts between this local file and the file that is currently running in the server you are connected to. See how the conflict is detected between the local file (the one you are trying to publish) and the remote file (the one that exists in the Platform Server).

Once your module is valid and hosted in the Public Area, you can open the default browser at any entry point of your recently published module by using the Open in Browser operation, available in the Lower Pane.

1-Click Publish Steps

The 1-Click Publish operation involves the following steps:

  1. Save (optional): this is an optional step that is performed only if your module was opened from a file or was already saved to a file.
  2. Upload: uploads the module to the Platform Server you are connected to.
  3. Compile: this is executed in the Platform Server you are connected to and involves translating the oml file, handled by the development environment, into a set of Microsoft .NET or Java files.
  4. Deploy: the last step of the 1-Click Publish operation which updates the published version of the module.

When 1-Click publishing your module, both the Public Area and your Personal Area are updated if the Platform Server is in Development Running Mode.

Concurrent Publishing

Because the OutSystems Platform Database is shared between the Public Area and the Personal Areas, the 1-Click Publish operation fails if one of the following is occurring:

1-Click Publish Permissions

To execute the 1-Click Publish operation you must have the following permissions:

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