When a module is executed through a Run, it is executed in the Personal Area of the developer. This means that changes made to the module are not visible to the other developers that are also developing the same module.

For example, if you change a screen and run the module, none of the developers working on this module are affected by those changes.

Using the Personal Area

A module is always updated in the Personal Area through the Run. With this operation, the developer can then test his changes privately without affecting any other developer.

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Impact on the Public Area

The database is shared, therefore, changing database data or schema will affect all developers, including the ones using the Public Area.

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Reused Functionality

If the module exposes functionality to be reused by other modules, it is public and available in the Public Area. When using the Personal Area, any changes to this exposed functionality will not have any effect on modules reusing it.

Since reused functionality is only available in the Public Area, if your module contains links to referenced Web Screens, the links will redirect to the Public Area.

Personal Area Limitations

Based on the Platform architecture, there are some limitations in the use of Personal Areas:

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