The Open from Server window is displayed when you click Open from Server... (Ctrl+O). It allows you to download and open a version of an modules from an OutSystems Platform Server.  By default, the downloaded version is the latest one, but another version may be specified.

You will only be able to list, download, and open the modules for which you have permissions. This security management is performed in the infrastructure management console.

At the top of the window you can find the name of the OutSystems Platform server where the listed modules are stored.

Below it, an input box allows filtering and narrow the number of listed modules. To sort the listed modules by the values of a column click on the header of that column.

The displayed columns are the following:

eSpace: the name of the module (by default, the list is ordered by this column);

Application: the Application to which the module belongs as a Module. Learn more about Applications, and Modules;

Changed: the date and time the module was last uploaded to the OutSystems Platform server;

By: the user who last uploaded the module to the OutSystems Platform server.

At the bottom you have the following buttons:

Other Versions...: opens the Open other Version Window to download other version of the selected module;

Ok: downloads and opens the latest version of the selected module;

Cancel: cancels the operation;

Help: opens this online help of Service Studio.

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