If the funtionality of your eSpace module is being reused in other modules, Service Studio allows you to test the producer functionality in the context of one of its consumers. This feature is useful when the producer itself does not have screens where you can check its behavior.

Personal Cycle

The personal cycle allows each developer to design their own eSpace but, since the eSpace has no interface, you have to execute it in the context of another eSpace. Therefore, whenever you run your producer eSpace, it is also necessary to spread these changes to the Consumer you selected an Entry eSpace, updating its Personal Area.

The Personal cycle is divided into the following steps:

    1. Design the eSpace in your workspace. See how to Design the eSpace.

    2. Select the Entry eSpace in the Debugger menu. Afterwards, the Entry drop-down (available on the Run/1-Click Publish tab in the Lower Pane) presents all Entry Points available for the Consumer eSpace you selected.

    3. Run the eSpace in the Personal Area of the Entry eSpace, specified in step 2. See how to Run the eSpace.

If the changes in the public elements of your producer are such that the references, in the Consumer, become modified, it is not possible to continue hosting the producer exclusively only in your Personal Area. In this situation, you have to 1-Click Publish the producer eSpace, open the consumers and handle the modified references, and 1-Click Publish these eSpaces.

    1. Collect the feedback from this personal test and do one of the following:

      1. Return to step 1.

      2. Publish your eSpace making it available to all consumers, as explained below in the Team cycle.

Once you have run the eSpace in your Personal Area, you can execute it. See how to Execute your eSpace.

Team Cycle

Once you have run your eSpace and tested it in the context of a Consumer eSpace, you simply have to publish it in your Public Area in order to make the new version available to all consumers.

The Team cycle, is divided into the following steps:

    1. Design the eSpace in your workspace. See how to Design the eSpace

    2. Publish the eSpace in the Public Area of the producer eSpace. See 1-Click Publish.

In this situation, the Personal Area of the Entry eSpace is not updated. In order to execute the producer in the context of a Consumer, you have to explicitly 1-click publish the Consumer.

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