When designing an eSpace use the Run and Debug in the '<user>' Personal Area (or simply called Run) operation to execute and test the eSpace.

Use this operation instead of the 1-Click Publish when you don't want that your changes interfere with other developers' work since the eSpace is hosted in your Personal Area. However, unlike the 1-Click Publish, the eSpace versions that you Run are not stored in the Platform Server and you won't be able to download or roll back to any of them.

Running the eSpace

To run your eSpace proceed as follows:

    1. Open the Debugger menu and select the Run and Debug in the '<user>' Personal Area option (or use the F6 shortcut key);

If you aren't connected yet to a Platform Server, you're presented with the Select Server Window: select the server, enter your credentials, and establish the connection.

The progress of the run is displayed on the Run tab of the Lower Pane.

    1. In case of success, select the Entry Point from the Entry drop list and click on Open in Browser button.

The Entry drop list contains all Entry Points of the Entry eSpace: by default it is the current eSpace, however, if you have consumer eSpaces, you are allowed to select one of them as the Entry eSpace and choose another Entry Point, changing the life cycle of your eSpace to the life cycle of a Producer eSpace.

Learn how to Debug Reused eSpaces.

    1. In case of errors, your eSpace is invalid, and you have to fix all errors and then click on the Retry Run button on the Lower Pane.

Besides running an eSpace in your Personal Area, you can also execute it in the Public Area. Learn more about Executing an eSpace.

Detailing the Steps of the Run

The operation of running an eSpace involves the following steps:

    1. Save: this is an optional step that is performed only if your eSpace was opened from a file or was already saved to a file.

    2. Updating: uploads and updates the eSpace in the Personal Area of the Platform Server you are connected to.

If the Entry eSpace is a Consumer eSpace, then it is also updated in the Personal Area. Learn how to Debug Reused eSpaces.

Finally, the Debugger is started so that you can debug your eSpace in your Personal Area.

Concurrent Running

Because the OutSystems Platform Database is shared between the Public Area and the Personal Areas, the Run operation fails if one of the following is occurring:

Permissions for Running

To execute the 1-Click Publish operation you must have the following permissions:

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