The Select server ... window allows you to connect to a specific Platform Server. This window is launched automatically whenever necessary or you can explicitly invoke it in the Server menu, Module menu, or on the Toolbar.

The parameters of the Select Server... window are presented below.

Host name

Name or IP address of the machine where the Platform Server is running. You can type the host name or select the host name from a drop-down list that displays all the host names that you have used so far.

Default value: localhost or the name of the server where the module was last uploaded, if any. This information is obtained through the eSpace identifier.

User name

Name of an existing user in the Platform Server specified above.

Default value: The user name that was last used for that server, if any.


Password of the user. The value you insert is always displayed as "****".

Default value: If the user has logged in to the server during the current development environment session, the value you inserted is automatically provided. This value is stored in memory so it will be dropped when you close the development environment.

If you launch the Select server window but are already connected to server A, for example, pressing the Cancel button keeps the connection to server A.

If you do not have a user name for the Platform Server you've specified, ask the Service Center administrator for one.