The development environment is provided with a self-healing and validation engine (TrueChange™) that assures robust and error-free changes across all applications and their modules.


This capability is specially useful when the signature of elements changes. Normally in this sort of change raises errors on every old usage and you have to go and fix those errors manually, one by one. However, in the development environment, TrueChange™ does this job for you and automatically propagates the signature change to all existing usages.

For example, renaming an Entity is as simple as modifying the Entity name, and TrueChange™ takes care of it all by changing all usages with the old name by the new one, including in the SQL Queries.

Automatic Validation

While designing an application, TrueChange™ validates the changes you make as you go, listing any errors or warnings on the TrueChange™ tab in the Lower Pane.

Each listed error/warning has a description, normally with a hint on how to resolve it, and you simply have to double-click the error to get the element highlighted on the workspace and fix the problem.

In the example above, TrueChange™ has detected that the value for the 'Height' input parameter is missing.

Notice the following:

You have to fix all errors to be able to execute a Run or a 1-Click Publish.


TrueChange™ analyses your applications and provides performance and scalability suggestions on the TrueChange™ tab in the Lower Pane.

All suggestions are displayed as warnings but you are allowed to execute a Run or a 1-Click Publish.

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