The Upload sends the eSpace to be stored in the OutSystems Platform server you are connected to. In this operation the eSpace version is incremented, thus allowing you to have version control of your eSpaces. This operation is automatically executed in each Run or 1-Click Publish of an eSpace.

Uploading an eSpace

To upload an eSpace go to the eSpace tab, open the eSpace menu, and select the Upload option, and the following occurs:

    1. If you are not yet connected to a server, you are prompted to connect to one and type in your login credentials;

    2. The eSpace is validated against the current version in the server for eventual conflicts as, for example, when the version of the uploaded eSpace is older than the current one in the server. To resolve a conflict the Modified Version Detected Window is displayed;

    3. If no conflicts were detected the new version of the eSpace is automatically stored in the server.

You can change the connection time-out in the Preferences Window.


The permissions for uploading an eSpace are configured in LifeTime by the OutSystems Platform administrator.

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